Manage FinTech Requirements and Risks

Overcome Key Challenges

PHRONTIER develops Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions for the Fintech industry.

PHRONTIER applies over two decades of systems development and cyber experience in the Defence sector to help FinTech companies:

  • Capture Requirements
  • Trace Use Cases and Test Cases
  • Demonstrate Compliance with ISO 15288/89 & ISO 27001 Cyber Security and Resilience Assessments
  • Prepare Information Systems Submissions for investment presentations and funding rounds
  • Provide independent IS Assurance to investors during Mergers & Acquisitions.

Polarion ALM

Polarion’s ALM solution gives organisations complete management of their requirements through to testing, release and ongoing support.

250+ Fortune 1,000

15,000 Registered ALM Community Members


2.5 Million Users


Complete Requirements Management Solution

Polarion REQUIREMENTS is designed from the ground for highly effective, transparent and secure collaboration, while teams have the option to work in their familiar environments.

An exclusive innovation you won’t find elsewhere, Polarion LiveDoc™ – online structured specification documents, are fast becoming the way companies of all sizes gather, author, approve, validate, and manage requirements.

Grow into Polarion’s Test Management and/or enterprise ALM solutions that seamlessly tie in with your requirements data. Just add licenses to your installation… nothing to install or integrate.

Core Functionality

Collaboration, Traceability and Workflow – 3 core principles built into our DNA

  • Facilitate synchronicity and easy access via 100% Browser-Based Access to All Polarion Data.
  • Enable real-time communication between Analysts, Engineers, QA Members and DevOps Teams etc. via threaded discussions, wikis, notifications, alerts & more.
  • Pass any audit, compliance, or regulatory inspection with traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control of every requirement.
  • Manage work items and documents via workflows that enforce how and when they move from state to state based on definable rules, with full audit trails, electronic signature and security.
  • Time Machine – Browse, search and report any historical state of your project just like you do the current state.
  • Use Native Clustering For Load Balancing and Failover Strategies.
  • Leverage Out-Of-The-Box Integrations and Open APIs to Extend Functionality.

Requirements Management

Enjoy patented LiveDoc functionality and “Easy-As-Word” authoring and real-time collaboration

  • An exclusive innovation, Polarion LiveDocs, enables you to collaborate concurrently and securely on specification documents with having every single paragraph uniquely identifiable and traceable.
  • All the requirement specification documents are instantly exposed to all other ALM stakeholders – for reviewapproval or development.
  • Easily import existing assets using the rule-based Import Wizard. It recognizes artefacts like requirements, test cases, etc. contained in Microsoft®Word or Excel® and quickly imports them to our modern, browser-based platform.
  • Document Round-trip – Export for offline collaboration so changes made outside of Polarion can be imported back seamlessly.
  • Built-in ReqIF enables lossless requirements and test case specifications exchange with customers and suppliers.
  • Invite and require stakeholders to electronically sign the specification documents as reviewed or approved before they can be released to production.
  • Unified solution for Test and Requirements allows you to build test cases in parallel with requirements.

Reuse & Branch Management

Reuse or branch your requirements for effective sequential or parallel project or product line development.

  • Save time on managing isolated copies of your documents – no copy/paste on every change of your common specification.
  • Share regulatory requirements across your projects as Polarion Derived Documents so you can distribute their updates on demand easily
  • Branch specification documents to effectively manage commonalities between your products, and still be able to track the product-specific requirements.
  • Distribute changes from master specifications to branched document without copy/paste instantly or on demand for more granular and manual change request distribution.

Change & Configuration Management

Understand the “Who, What, When and Why” of any changes.

  • Every artifact – System Requirements Specifications, Verification Procedures, Project Plans and Tasks – simply everything is stored in version control repositories and so every modification produces Version History Record.
  • The project and global configuration are being versioned as well, which gives you full auditability and visibility of to your process configuration and improvements.
  • Bring sanity and accountability to the process of gatheringvetting, and implementing the inevitable change requests that happen during every project.
  • Verify that the final delivered software has all of the planned enhancements that are supposed to be included in the release by full traceability of every source code modification up to the change request.
  • Polarion supports SVN & GIT out of the box, others (Perforce, Plastic SCM, …) via add-ons.



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